Avion Phoenix Models Sonic 25 Ala baja Nitro ARF .25-.32,52.3"


This is the radio controlled, glow powered, almost-ready-to-fly
    Sonic Low Wing sport trainer airplane kit from Phoenix Aircraft Models.
             For beginner to intermediate modeler/flyers who have
                succesfully flown and landed high-wing trainers

FEATURES: Construction: Built-up balsa and plywood Covering: Pre-applied heat shrink film, color scheme is mostly white on the fuselage and wings with red, dark blue, and yellow accents Wings: Two-piece wood, must be joined before installation Radio Compartment: Plywood reinforced, easily accessible over wing Canopy: Silver painted section on fuselage to simulate canopy area, no canopy or pilot detail Landing gear: Pre-bent 3/16" (4mm) wire with 2" (51mm) foam rubber main and nose gear wheels Single aileron servo: Yes, standard size and torque required Hardware: Hinges, wing bolts and all other required fasteners included Motor Mount: Nylon, pre-mounted in fuselage

INCLUDES: Prebuilt and pre-covered wings fuselage and tail section tricycle landing gear with 2" (51mm) wheels, nylon engine mount, pre-bent pushrods, hardware package, fuel tank, hinges, all hardware and fasteners and photo-illustrated instructions

REQUIRES: Engine: .25-.32 cu in (4.1-5.2cc) 2-stroke engine Muffler: Standard type included with engine Radio: Four channel Servos: Four, 42 oz/in torque minimum (1-aileron, 1-elevator, 1-rudder, 1-throttle) Misc. Items: 2" (51mm) spinner, 1/4" foam rubber padding, 3' medium fuel tubing, fuel filter, propeller, building and field equipment

SPECS: Wingspan: 52.3" (133cm) Wing area: 470 sq. in (30.36 sq dm) approx. Length: 40.9" (104cm) Airfoil: Semi-symmetrical, low wing Center of Gravity: 2.75" (70mm) Back from the wing's leading edge at the fuselage sides. Control Throws- Ailerons: Up & Down 0.20" (5mm) Elevator: Up & Down 0.31" (8mm) Rudder: Right & Left 0.51" (13mm)


    SOLO   $1,799.00