Avion  P-51D Mustang GWS Park Flyer ARF w/EPS350C/BB Slvr 34"

    SOLO   $1,299.00


This is the Radio Controlled, Electric Powered, Foam
GWS Mustang P51D W/EPS350C Scale ARF Airplane.
For Intermediate to Advanced Modelers/Fliers.
Recommended for modelers who have had trainer airplane experience and
also safely flown/landed low wing planes.

FEATURES: Construction: Easy interlocking silver foam, with built-in thrust angles Wings: One-piece, silver foam Radio Compartment: Above the wing in the fuselage Canopy: Clear canopy Cockpit Features: Instrument decals Landing Gear: Pre-bent wire Hardware: Complete harware package Motor Mount: Included Motor: EPS350C with ball bearing gearbox Propeller: EP1080-10X8

INCLUDES: All foam to construct the airplane, pushrods, prebent 1.5mm main landing gear, 1mm tailwheel wire,hardware package, 2" ultra light main wheels, 1" tail wheels, clear canopy, decals, GWS glue, 2" spinner and photo-illustrated manual.

REQUIRES: Speed Control: 10A or higher ESC Battery: 8.4-9.6V 400-500mAh NiCd or 9.6V 730mAh NiMH Charger: Charger capable of charging the selected flight battery Radio: 4 channel Servos: 3 nano (1-aileron, 1-elevator, 1-rudder) Servo Extension 6": one for the aileron Misc. Items: building and field equipment

SPECS: Wingspan: 34" ( 870mm) Wing Area: 204 sq in (13.2 sq dm) Weight: 12-14 oz (340-400g) Wing Loading: 8.5 oz/sq ft ( 26 g/sq dm) Length: 29" ( 737mm) Airfoil: Semi-Symmetrical, Low-Wing Center of Gravity: 1/4" ( 6mm) Forward of the bamboo stick used to reinforce the wing. Control Throws- Ailerons: Up & Down 5/16"( 7mm) Elevator: Up & Down 1/4" ( 6mm) Rudder: Right & Left 3/8" (10mm)