Avion Hobbico Avistar 40 Select 4-Canales RTF 59"


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Avistar SelectAerobatics ahead... no waiting!

Already built - and equipped with the world's best engine and radio

Step up from your basic trainer and start learning to fly thrilling aerobatics - today. Hobbico's Avistar Select makes the transition unusually smooth, fast and easy. It's factory-built... precovered with Top Flite MonoKote film... and fully equipped with the highest-quality components, including an O.S. .40 LA engine and Futaba 4VF radio system.


Best Radio

A good radio is essential—and this one's the BEST. You'll find a lot of experienced aerobatic pilots at the field who use the 4VF. They'll be able to connect with this radio's trainer system to help you learn faster and with greater success. (Requires optional trainer cord.)

Stock Number:
Wingspan: 59 in (1499 mm)
Wing Area: 602 sq in (39 dm2)
Weight: 5 lb (2268 g)
Includes: O.S. .40 LA, Futaba 4VF radio
Avistar 40 Select RTF Parts Listing
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Best Engine

The .40 LA engine is THE most popular engine for .40-size airplanes, and with good reason. It has a remote needle valve for convenient adjustments and increased pilot safety. Plus, it runs cool, holds settings securely, and delivers exceptional power.


The Avistar Select's semi-symmetrical airfoil offers more agility than a basic trainer's flat-bottom wing, but its high wing mounting maintains the predictable landing characteristics and in-flight stability of your trainer. The design lets you ease into new flying challenges with confidence, helping you learn faster.


No modeling

Requires only a household screwdriver and pliers!


This is a Avistar Select .40 Pre-Covered with Top Flite MonoKote Covering,
                     Ready-To-Fly R/C Advanced Trainer.
  This is Designed for the Intermediate Modeler Having a Semi-Symmetrical Wing
  for Increased Lift and Stability and a Thick Leading Edge to Help Prevent and
  Smooth Out Stalls. Does Not Require Painting, Sanding, Gluing or Drilling.
     This kit is great for making the next step up from a basic trainer.

FEATURES: NO PAINTING, NO SANDING, NO GLUING and NO DRILLING Select Series Airplane Comes with Pre-Installed .40LA Engine and Futaba 4VF Radio System. Fuselage: Pre-Covered in MonoKote & Pre-Assembled Sheeted Box Style. Wing: Pre-Covered in MonoKote w/Ribbed Balsa, Semi-Symmetrical Airfoil That Joins Together with a Metal Dowl Rod and Nylon Straps. Tail Sections are Solid Balsa and are Pre-Covered in MonoKote. 90% Pre-Assembled, All Wood, Ready-To-Fly Kit. 20 Minutes Assembly Time.

INCLUDES: Pre-Installed .40LA Engine, Fuel Tank, Fuel Tubing and Futaba Pre-Covered Wing Halves w/Metal Dowl Rod Joiner and Nylon Straps. Pre-Covered Bolt-Together Tail Sections w/Hardware. Wire Landing Gear w/Mounting Straps, Wheel Collars, Screws and 2-3/4" Wheels. 2-1/4" Spinner and Propeller w/Mounting Screws. Step-By-Step Instructions

REQUIRES: Misc. Items: Glow Fuel, Phillips Head Screwdriver, Pliers, and Field Equipment. 5/64" allen wrench to tighten the screw in the radio compartment, on the servo for the rudder and steerable nosegear.

SPEC: Wingspan: 59" (1499mm) Wing Area: 602 sq in (39 sq dm) Fuselage Length: 48" Weight: 5 lbs (2268g) Center of Gravity: 3-5/8" back from the leading edge of the wing. Control Throws: Up Down Ailerons: 5/16" (8mm) 3/8" (10mm) Elevator: 3/8" (10mm) 3/8" (10mm) Rudder: Left- 1" (25mm) Right- 1" (25mm) Airfoil: Semi-Symmetrical, High-Wing Fuel Tank: 10 oz

COMMENTS: Fuel Tank: The Nexstar tank is a direct sub. (HCAA3747) For Futaba Trainer Cord, use FUTM4410; Quick Field Charger, use HCAM3000 and Connectors, use HCAP0101. This Airplane comes in two other versions: HCAA2015-Almost-Ready-to-Fly Original Kit. HCAA2016-Almost-Ready-To-Fly w/MonoKote Covering. The Original Trim Scheme is White w/Red, Yellow and Orange. The MonoKote Trim Scheme is White w/Red, Yellow and Orange. Instruction sheet says wing set is HCAA3710, this is incorrect. It should be HCAA3721.