Avion Tiger Moth GWS 3D  Park Flyer  ARF w/EPS350/DS

    SOLO   $1,299.00


This is a Radio Controlled, Electric Powered, Foam ConstructionGWS 3D Tiger Moth 350 Bi-Plane ARF.
For Advanced Modelers/Fliers.

FEATURES: Construction, Foam, pre-painted yellow Wings: One-Piece, foam construction, pre-painted yellow Radio Compartment: Foam construction, molded into the fuselage Cowling: Black plastic, 2 piece construction Canopy: Model does not have a canopy Landing Gear: Pre-bent 2mm (.062") diameter wire main gear & plastic construction tail skid Aileron Control: Dual servo, requires a Y-Harness - HCAM2500 Hardware: Included Motor: 350 motor with 3.60:1 Gear Box and black spinner - GWSG2011 Motor Mount: Plastic motor mount/gear box Prop: 11x4.7 orange plastic prop - GWSQ2022

INCLUDES: All foam to construct the airplane, pushrods, prebent wire main gear, 2" (50mm) diameter plastic main wheels, hardware package, 350 size geared motor, black plastic cowling, 11x4.7 prop, foam glue, decal sheet and photo-illustrated instructions.

REQUIRES: Speed Control: 8A minimum - GPMM2010 Battery: 8.4V 750mAh battery pack - GWSA8003 Charger: GPMM3000 or modeler's choice Radio: 4 channel with micro receiver - FUTJ37** Servos: 4 nano size servos - FUTM0042 (2-ailerons, 1-elevator, 1-rudder) Y-Harness: (1-for aileron servos) Misc. Epoxy, CA glue, and other miscellaneous building equipment

SPECS: Wingspan: 31.5" (800mm) Wing Area: 409.2 sq in (26.4 sq dm) Weight: 11.3-14.8 oz (320-420 grams) Wing Loading: 4 - 5.2 oz/sq ft (12.1 - 15.9 g/sq dm) Length: 26.6" (676mm) Airfoil: Flat bottom bi-wing Center of Gravity: 2.55" (65mm) from the upper wing's leading edge Control Throws- Low Rate High Rate Ailerons: Up & Down .78" (20mm) 1.37" (35mm) Elevator: Up & Down 1.18" (30mm) 2.36" (60mm) Rudder: Right & Left .78" (20mm) 1.18" (30mm) Incidence- Wing: Not Listed Stabilizer: Not Listed