Avion Cessna 150 de 24'  Guillows "



  SOLO   $229.00

Cessna 150" is a Balsa Wood construction kit from Guillow's.
Scale Model for adult collector.

FEATURES: Authentic scale airplane. All quality materials! Pilot figure included. Light plastic nose cowl. Acetate for window areas. Plastic propeller. Razor sharp die-cut balsa parts. Rubber motor. Firewall provided if you choose to install a gas engine. Covering tissue. Scale wheels. Landing gear wire. Plastic wheel pants. Can be flown with one of three different power sources: -Rubber Power (contents included) -.020 Gas Engine (information only included) -Electric Power (information only included) Detailed plans and step-by-step instructions. Insignia sheet.

INCLUDES: One Aircraft Model

REQUIRES: Assembly White Glue Dope Workboard Common Pins Hobby Knife Refer to Instructions for Other Needed Tools

SPECS: Wingspan: 24" (60.96cm)

COMMENTS: Motors and radio equipment are not furnished in the kit.