GWS Beaver Park Flyer EP ARF w/EPS-350C 39.8" 

  SOLO      $969.00

This is the Grand Wing Servo de Havilland Beaver (DCH-2) electric
powered foam kit with the EPS-350C power system.
Recommended for beginner to intermediate modelers/fliers.

FEATURES: Construction: All foam Wings: One piece foam wing Radio Compartment: molded into fuselage Cowling: Plastic Landing Gear:Pre-bent 1.6mm diameter main gear wire and 1.2mm tail dragger wire. 2" (51mm) main and 1" (25mm) tailwheel included. Hardware: Included Power System: EPS-350C with a E1047(10x4.7) electric prop Warranty: Grand Wing Servo Manufacturing Company guarantees this kit free from defects in both materials and workmanship at the date of purchase.

INCLUDES: Right and left foam fuselage and wing halves, horizontal stabilizer, vertical fin, plastic wing joint cover, cowl, and battery holder, EPS-350C power system/E1047 prop, plastic parts tree, GWS glue, decal sheet, double sided tape, hardware, photo-illustrated instructions

REQUIRES: 3-4 channel radio with two pico, naro or mini servos (1-elevator 1-rudder) and 3-4ch micro receiver. Speed Control: 10A or more Battery: 7.2V 2/3AA 270-400mAh or 7.2V 600mAh AA Charger Misc.building equipment

SPECS: Wingspan: 39.8" (1010mm) Wing Area: 263sq in (16.8sq dm) Flying Weight: 10.23-12.35oz (290-350g) Wing Loading: 5.64oz/sq ft (17.26g/sq dm) Length: 27.4" (695mm) Airfoil: Flat bottom, high wing Center of Gravity: 1.8"- 2.2" (45-55mm) Back from the wing's leading edge at the fuselage sides. Control Throws- Low Rate High Rate GWS does not provide the information of this nature in their manual.

COMMENTS: It is not recommended to exceed the voltage of the battery listed as this may cause damage to the EPS system. GWS has included an insruction sheet containing information for strengthening the wing and reinforcing the tail.